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“I have known Hanna Baum for 10 years, first as her student at RMIT and more recently as her employee. As a student in Hanna's Law for Welfare (diploma of Community Services) I found her to be a motivating and inspiring teacher. Hanna has a formidable array of formally acquired skills, a rich and varied life experience and a warm generous and witty personality - all of which she brings to her teaching. There's a old saying that a good teacher shows the student how to use a fishing line and doesn't merely give her the fish! That expression was never more apt as we were never 'spoon fed' by Hanna but rather, encouraged to cultivate our own research skills. I remember Hanna's class as being entertaining, informative and useful, and I feel I learnt a lot from her” 

- Niamh O'Byme (former student)


“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, it was great not only learning about how to work in teams and skills for communicating, but also to get to know people better and the roles that they play in the Department, their ideas on things and how other communicate with us and we with them. (I'm sure I learnt heaps more, but that is the basics that sticks in my mind at present). Also wanted to say that you are obviously a great teacher and did well keeping up with both your enthusiasm and listening skills (I know listening is a very hard task and I was impressed how you never seemed to falter, not saying that I though you would, just that most people get tired, you kept yourself and the rest of the class together and focused (which is really impressive)) It was also nice to talk to you without being about a problem :) I wish I could do more of that ;)  So anyway, thanks, your work was much appreciated by us all” 

Jennifer Ingles (Swinburne University)