School and Uni Tutoring

Study Skills (includes VCE and Secondary)

• Time Management and Goal Setting
• Exam strategies using exam papers
• Stress Management techniques 
• Planning an essay under exam conditions 
• Exam questions under exam conditions 
• Lateral thinking skills in your exam
• Maintaining your motivation during VCE

English as a Second Language - all levels

• Grammar (including internet & interactive programs)
• Conversation and Pronunciation
• Writing (includes all genres and strategies)
• Notetaking and reading strategies
• Oral presentation skills (includes non-verbal communication)

Communications workshops

• Listening skills workshop
• Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
• Mediation skills 
• The use of role play and Management Video/DVD.


Career Change and Networking

• Beginning with an individual consultation based on self appraisal of strengths and areas requiring growth.
• Networking in small groups to maximise future opportunities for employment or self employment.
• Lateral thinking skills