The Go to Uni Guru 10th Anniversary

After 10 years helping people fulfil their dreams in education and training Hanna Baum is now embarking on a series of workshops aimed at those students who do not have the usual requirements for tertiary study here in Australia.

In the past 10 years she has with her unique passion empathy and humour succeeded in gaining students entry to the University course of their choice. Some have been via TAFE others straight to a 2nd year Uni course where their Judaic Studies in Israel or the US or Australia have been recognised as tertiary study.

She recalls with a laugh a few years ago assisting a friend whose son had arrived back from Israel and literally found it difficult to get out of bed for some time. Her friend invited Hanna to talk to her son out of desperation. At the end of two meetings Hanna had her son at Swinburne TAFE accepted on a course that was full. The Coordinator thanked her for bringing a serious student to the course who could influence the rest of the engineering Aussie students positively. In two years he had upgraded to the second year of the Uni course. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering and is now married with two children.  


“Not so many people realise or understand this pathway. We need to give credit to Australia for recognising so many of the international courses in Judaism in Israel and other places. It means that a young person can take up this opportunity of further study at the time or later. People often think that VCE or HSC is the way. Well it isn’t You can do your gap year roam the world as Aussies do and you can return and the current Higher Education System will reward you for your study and your experience. Consider TAFE as a starter. It’s cheaper I’ts smaller groups and its often the same lecturers and tutors.

I was teaching at Swinburne for 12 years. My best student in Engineering  was a mature student of 40 plus. He had spent 2 years at RMIT TAFE He then came to Swinburne Uni to complete his first degree. A few years later I was on a research workshop there and there he was. He had completed his PHD and already had leadership roles in the Faculty. He once told me the TAFE experience had given him so much and he wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Think about your career. Write down your goals. Your short term medium term and long term goals. Look at your weekly timetable Write down from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed every hour what you do. It’s called Time Management and Goal Setting and this I learned while teaching 1st year Engineering at Swinburne University."

Do you have relaxation time etc etc?

When you think you know exactly what you want to do or on the contrary. Contact me and we can work on a consultation and then a workshop It’s as easy as that.

Hanna Baum
Telephone: 0416-438-877